Delivery Model

The Delivery Model is a simple solution designed for clients who are looking to ‘test’ our services for the first time. It provides an opportunity to work with Alexander Daniels Global, gain access to our network and knowledge and understand better our unique position within the market and approach to securing the best talent.

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ADvanced Selection

Advanced Selection is a model of recruitment developed by Alexander Daniels Global to provide a truly bespoke recruitment service for our clients. The model combines the most advanced attraction techniques with the most robust methods of assessment to ensure a suitable shortlist is delivered and a successful long-term, value adding appointment is made.

Alexander Daniels Global aims to offer a solution that provides an exceptional experience, increased candidate engagement and reduces the impact and burden of the recruitment process on the business.

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Partnership Model

The Partnership Model is a unique offering for clients who require a more proactive, long-term, integrated solution to support ongoing and complex talent requirements on a global basis.

Alexander Daniels Global becomes an extension of the business, working alongside, and in collaboration with in-house recruitment teams and human resources.

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