Ten 3D Printable Things: Rick and Morty

Welcome to Ten 3D Printable Things, where we showcase 10 fantastic and FREE 3D printable projects, designs and models from all over the web. Adult Swim’s animated science fiction series Rick and Morty follows the absurd, hilarious and surreal adventures of super genius Rick and his sweet, innocent and hapless grandson, Morty. The mismatched pair travel throughout the universe, multiverse and an assortment of small pocket universes and alternate timelines looking for fun and/or fixing huge cosmic messes of their own creation. This week, here’s a look at the ten coolest Rick and Morty themed 3D printing projects and models that I could find! Here are Ten 3D Printable Rick and Morty Things: PORTAL GUN Portal Gun by Intentional3D Found on: ThingiverseCost: Free Rick’s Portal Gun allows Rick and Morty to zap themselves into and out of a wide variety of outlandish locales, locations and timelines. This 3D printable version

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Source: 3dprint.com:   Ten 3D Printable Things: Rick and Morty