Trump’s Muslim Ban Impacts Advanced Manufacturing

When Trump’s [Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images] This doesn’t mean that it’s all about the money. What it does mean is that it cannot be separated from it. With nearly 40% of their employees coming from other countries and with the globally connected nature of production inherent in pushing the boundaries of technology, the effects of this ban would ripple from the $32 billion in value lost by the five top tech companies in the EO’s wake to the distress and sometimes outright loss of their employees. In addition to those directly affected by inability to travel freely or for those they love to be able to do so, there is something even more corrosive wrapped up in this EO. The message that they, and those like them, are dangerous; a sickness infecting the body of the US, rather than a vital part of its fabric; a rejection and repudiation of

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Source:   Trump’s Muslim Ban Impacts Advanced Manufacturing